Andy Witschi


what makes me different? i am doing all the sports from which i take the pictures and this makes it different.


my name is andy, born in nidau, switzerland. made a bachelor in electric and an emaster in corporate management.

since i was a child, sport was and is still the thing i am into. my parents had a second apartment in the mountain. we spend all the time in the snow, started by skiing then from the 80’s on the snowboard and since some year’s back on the freeride-ski again. in 2001 a friend and I have build up a wakeboard school. 100 of hours we spend time on the lac by teaching and having fun on the water.

i started kitesurfing in 2001. after an accident i had in the same year, i stopped kiting. in 2007 i came back to the kiteboarding.

i quit my old job and since september 2010 i am traveling all over the world to kite and take pictures.

how i came to be a photographer? back in 2007, during one of our freeride trips we made, i decided to be the guy taking pictures to show to the world what we do. from this time on, i decided to be into it.





…every day is a good day…

andy witschi